KCR - JaganAs a Diwali gift, Narendra Modi Government has cut down Petrol and Diesel prices bringing relief to the common man. Petrol is made cheaper by Rs. 5 Per Liter while Diesel is cut by Rs. 10 Per Liter. The Center has asked the State Governments to cut VAT further to relieve the common people.

State Governments across the country are responding by cutting down the VAT. At least 12 states have already cut their state taxes. The neighboring Karnataka has cut down the prices of Petrol and Diesel by Rs. 7 Per liter. But then, Telugu CMs have remained silent at least till now.

Both the Chief Ministers are after freebies and are struggling to keep their finances afloat. They can not afford to cut down the taxes as the taxes on sale of Petrol and Diesel is the main source of income for the states. As a result, they have remained mute.

But then, this only exposes only their hypocrisy. For several months, both the Governments have been blaming the Central Government for the ballooning fuel prices and when the center took a step forward, both Jagan and KCR remained mum without doing anything.

But then, the silence can be politically costly as people will not remain silent. Petrol and Diesel are already costliest in the South India and with other states reducing and AP government not doing anything, the gap will be much higher.