Jagan Is Upset With Viveka Since 2004YS Vivekananda Reddy‘s Brother-in-law, Shiva Shankar Reddy’s statement to the CBI in connection with the former MP’s murder is out on public domain. Shiva Shankar Reddy told the CBI that Jagan is not happy with Viveka ever since 2004.

“In 2004, the Congress party gave Viveka the Kadapa MP ticket. However, YS Jagan insisted on giving himself the MP ticket. YS did not agree to that. After that, Viveka was not given a ticket in the 2009 elections and YS‌ died in September 2009. After that Kiran Kumar Reddy became the CM and Viveka was made Minister. Jagan did not like this,” he said.

“After that, Jagan‌ started a new party. Viveka did not like that and that is why he did not join the Jagan party. In the 2011 by-elections, Viveka lost to Vijayamma. After that, me and YS Sudhir Reddy suggested to Viveka to join YCP. At first, Jagan did not want to take him to the party. After several attempts, Viveka joined the YCP in December 2012. However, there are differences between them continued,” Shiva Shankar Reddy told.

Although YS Vivekananda Reddy joined the YCP in 2012, he was not given an MP ticket in the 2014 elections. YS Avinash Reddy got it because he is a relative of Jagan’s wife. In 2017, Viveka got an MLC ticket from YSRCP but was defeated as own people conspired against him. Avinash and his father have also worked against Viveka,” the statement read.