YS_Jagan_GannavaramGannavaram is the topic of discussion in the Telugu political circles now after Vallabhaneni Vamsi’s gang attacked the TDP office in Gannavaram and broke the furniture inside and set a car on fire in the premises.

The high tension has crept into all of Vijayawada now as the chief minister, YS Jagan is also visiting the area today to take part in Governor’s send off event.

Amidst Jagan’s trip, and the prevailing tension in Gannavaram, the political climate in Vijayawada has hit a new peak.

As a precautionary measure, the police have kept TDP’s Buddha Venkanna under house arrest. This has resulted in a tense atmosphere at his house. TDP supporters are shouting anti-YCP slogans and also shouting “Khabaddar Vamsi” slogans.

Incidentally, Buddha Venkanna has challenged Vamsi to come to NTR circle and he is trying to go there, but is being stopped by the police. The police are trying to pacify the situation by not letting Buddha come out of his house.

The Gannavaram episode is beating up every passing hour. TDP chief, Chandrababu has written a letter to the DGP about how YCP goons attacked TDP office in Gannavaram and on top of it, how the police arrested TDP leaders in return.