Jagan In Maata Thapputha, Madama Thipputha ModeMata Thappanu, Madama Thippanu is the famous dialogue or claim of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. But the Opposition claims the Chief Minister is exactly the opposite and is in Maata Thapputha, Madama Thipputha Mode. They cite the Government liquor policy as an example.

Ahead of the festival mode, the Government is trying to mint money from tipplers to fill its coffers. Earlier the Government used to say it is not allowing popular brands and keep the prices sky-high (shock kottela ratelu, Jagan would say) to discourage the drinking habit.

But then, dry coffers changed it all. AP Government released a G.O. reducing the VAT, special margin, and additional excise duty on various types of liquors making them cheaper. Also, the government decided to ensure that all popular brands are available in Government-run wine ships starting from Sankranthi.

“Madhyapaana Nishedham in phases is a passe now. Drink and make merry, get money for the Government is the new motto. The government is trying to earn 85,000 Crore per annum from liquor sales. The State Government is running on Liquor money. Prohibition is a fraud promise,” Former Excise Minister Jawahar criticized.