Somu Veerraju - YS JaganRamatheertham – the ancient temple where Lord Rama’s temple has been vandalized has become a hub for political leaders. We have seen Opposition Leader Chandrababu Naidu visiting the temple. On the same day, some BJP local leaders and YSR Congress MP Vijaysai Reddy did Hungama at the temple.

We all know how the political parties made the area a warzone and some locals have pelted stones and chappals on the YSR Congress MP. For the next few days, Endowments Minister Vellampally Srinivas and the local MLAs and Ministers have been visiting the shrine.

Today, BJP and Janasena called for Chalo Ramatheertham and the contingent has been headed by BJP President Somu Veerraju. Unlike the previous instances, the state government is resorting to a high drama house-arresting the leaders and preventing them from going to the shrine.

Political experts say that CM Jagan is worried about the mileage TDP derived in this issue and wants to divert the issue by troubling BJP. “In such a case, the entire issue will get media coverage and it will look like BJP is doing a lot while erasing TDP from the public coverage. If BJP is allowed, it will be a page three news and if they are stopped, it is the main page news. That’s what Jagan wants,” they see this episode.

“If BJP gets mileage, it will at best move to second place in Tirupati by-election which means a loss to TDP. Jagan will take that happily. At this time, Jagan is focused only on killing TDP and feels BJP – Janasena combine is not an immediate threat,” they add.