Jagan Has To Take Blame For Polluting AP Politics YSR Congress had unleashed a bad trending by abusing Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari in the Assembly. The Chief Minister did not express regret and supported his men on social media.

Jagan‘s reckless response on the issue normalized abuse of families in AP politics. The Chief Minister felt the pain only after his wife Bharathi was named by TDP in Delhi Liquor Scam.

TDP has taken a hint from the ‘PayCM’ campaign in Karnataka, and started ‘Bharathi Pay’ campaign alleging Bharathi’s role in the Liquor Scam.

YSR Congress has started a sleaze campaign against Lokesh’s wife Brahmani and Chandrababu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari on the lines of PayCM campaign. But then, the entire campaign has gone Vulgar.

Sooner or later we will see similar Vulgar retaliation from the Opposition. And it will lead to a painful low in Andhra Pradesh Politics.

Even though Bharathi was in politics briefly when Jagan was in Jail and even though she runs the day to day affairs of Sakshi, TDP never targeted her in the past and always put her in the family bracket.

But once Bhuvaneshwari who is totally alien to Politics is targeted, there is no place for niceties. Now, we can see a few YSRCP social media supporters asking Police to act, we may see a few arrests as well. But YSR Congress can not escape from the blame of polluting Andhra Pradesh Politics.