A national news channel had revealed that YSR Congress Party’s President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had to shell 1000 Rupees per vote in his home constituency, Pulivendhula. This was revealed by one of the polling agent of the party to the News Channel. “It is a fact. Rs. 1,000 per vote. If there is a family of 10-15 voters, another Rs. 5000 is given as a bonus” says the agent Rajashekar Reddy. He admitted that he himself distributed 62 Lakh Rupees.

It is said that they send a person on bike to check if there is police in a particular route. Once receiving a signal from the person, a car with money goes with ‘On government duty’ sticker which helps to evade Police attention. When asked if he is not afraid if caught, Rajasekhar Reddy said, “They will book a case. Tomorrow morning we will get bail and we will come out. Who will prove it? Nobody will prove it. Cash will go into their hands. That will be the only loss.”

No wonder more than half of the 300 Crore seized in this elections across the country belongs to Andhra Pradesh. Most of the time, cases are booked but are not pursued after elections by the Police or courts due to the lack of evidence.