Jagan Govt's Another Legal Battle Knowing It Will Lose!The other day, Andhra Pradesh High Court has ordered that fees reimbursement amounts should be deposited directly to the colleges than in the accounts of the mothers of students. A few colleges have approached the high court saying that the money deposited in the mother’s accounts is not being paid to the colleges which means the colleges are suffering.

At least 60% of parents are using the money for other purposes without paying to the colleges. The high court has made serious comments saying that depositing the money is nothing but vote bank politics and ordered the amount to be deposited in the accounts of the colleges.

The Government, however, is keen on having the money deposited into the accounts of mothers in the name of Jagananna Vidya Deevena since it would make the vote bank strong. So, the Government is planning to go to the Supreme Court against the high court order.

Experts say that the Supreme Court is unlikely to give any respite to the Government in this case as the concern of the colleges is legit. If that is the case, the government is fighting another legal battle fully knowing it will lose.