High_Court_of_Andhra_Pradesh_JaganThe other day, Andhra Pradesh High Court found fault with the G.O.1 of the Government which bans rallies, road shows, and public meetings in National highways, municipal roads, and Panchayat roads.

The court imposed a temporary suspension on the G.O. until January 23rd. AG Sriram arguing on the behalf of the Government objected to Vacation Bench hearing a PIL and said it is against the rules.

The court made some critical comments that indirectly indicate that the Government is trying to influence the High Court and the registrar.

The bench was very angry with the AG’s objection. “This court has the power to examine any matter keeping in view the public welfare. Questioning the court after it has admitted the issue is objectionable,” the judges said.

The comments the honorable judges made are even critical.

“We know what happened behind the scenes about the attempts to make the issue not come to trial. Do not make us tell that sitting here. A third party is influencing the affairs of the registry and deciding which case should be tried by which bench. We warn you an investigation will be conducted on this matter,” the bench said.

The comments of the judges indicate something is happening behind the scenes and it looks like Jagan Government is trying to influence the high court.