ys jagan ap govermentThe other day, the Government of India in the Parliament has informed us that there is not even a single death in the country due to the lack of Oxygen during the COVID second wave. This is based on the reports sent by the State Governments to the Central Government.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) spokesperson K Pattabhiram says that the state government may have sent false reports to the Central Government and there are at least thirty people who died in the state due to the lack of oxygen. “This is from a single incident in Ruia hospital of Tirupati,” Pattabhi said.

“The number can not be less than 50 deaths. There are many other deaths in Vizianagaram, Kurnool, and many other towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh because of the inefficiency of the Governments. The center should verify facts again and get the record straight to the nation,” he added.

While the second wave is a thing of the past, we can only hope such a situation does not repeat if the third wave happens.