YS-Jagan-Church-fundAs elections are approaching, it looks like Jagan Mohan Reddy Government is trying to impress the Christian community loyal to the Ruling party. The Government is already paying monthly honorariums to the pasters.

Now it has sanctioned 175 Crore i.e., One Crore Rupees to each constituency for the repairs and construction of churches, for those maintaining churches, crematoriums etc.

Administrative sanctions were also given to works of another One Crore in all district headquarters. These funds will given as Grant-in-aid. MLAs can recommend works under this scheme.

Collectors have already given the necessary orders for the same in the districts.

The state government already started taking Applications for churches renovation and other works. Two hundred such applications are already under process.

The intention seems to be consolidation of the Christian community votes as in 2019. Given a slight discontent in those sections, this money will satisfy the pastors who will channel the support of those coming to their churches.