Jagan Movie Tickets OnlineMinister Perni Nani has responded to the news of AP government selling movie tickets through its own ticketing platform. Opposition leaders have been critical of the government in this regard. Nani clarified that so far no decision has been taken on whether the government should sell movie tickets.

Speaking at a media conference in Amaravati, the minister said that committees have been set up on the issue and a study is underway. He said that they would soon meet the bigwigs of the film industry and take their advice and suggestions.

“The Opposition is trying to defame the Government in everything,” he said. The minister clarified that the film celebrities had asked to sell movie tickets online. He also added that Industry bigwigs have asked the government to sell tickets via a ticketing platform and the government is studying the feasibility since the state government has noticed tax evasion.

“The government is only trying to curb black tickets. The Government will be meeting with producers, distributors and theater owners soon,” Nani said. It looks like the Government is in two minds about selling off the tickets itself after the criticism from the Opposition.