Jagan Govt Is JCB Government: LokeshThe Ippatam road widening works set in motion by the YCP government has backfired big time. JanaSena’s Pawan Kalyan already had a field day over the same. It is the turn of TDP scion Nara Lokesh to take the government to the cleaners over the Ippatam issue.

Lokesh visited Ippatam and interacted with the victims who lost their residential properties to the government’s road widening act.

“After Jagan came to power, his only aim has been on demolishing things. The JCB has become an official vehicle for government employees. In fact, JCB is Jagan government’s symbol now, given the amount of destruction he has orchestrated.” Lokesh said.

Lokesh added that “This government can’t even fill the holes on the current roads, but they want to erect a 120 feet road. The road leading to Ippatam itself is 30 feet. What is the need for a 120 feet road inside the village? This is an act of cowardice. Ippatam village gave good majority to TDP in 2019. And also, they recently hosted JanaSena plenary. Unable to bear this, Jagan has sent JCBs to destroy the village” Lokesh concluded.