YS Jagan Govt Following Congress' Shameful ModelWhile passing the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill, the then Congress Government blacked out the live telecast of Lok Sabha and passed the bill amid the din. There were some allegations that the bill never passed and it was declared passed with the help of the Lok Sabha speaker then.

People like Undavalli Arun Kumar are still fighting the issue in courts. Blacking out Lok Sabha live proceedings is treated as the Black Day of Indian Democracy irrespective of what has happened inside. But Jagan Government seems to have inspired by that practice and has implemented it twice already.

While the Three Capitals bills were taken up in Andhra Pradesh Council on two occasions, the State Government Blacked out the live proceedings. The Government has claimed technical issues twice in January 2020 and yesterday and as the Government claims it is a coincidence that capital bills were taken on both occasions.

Even though the Chairman heads the house, he is made dummy in this issue as he belongs to TDP. There were allegations from TDP that the Minister resorted to several ruly acts on the Chair and as well as the Opposition and so, they have switched off the cameras. On both occasions, TDP MLCs say that the Ministers tried to attack Nara Lokesh who was filming their unruly acts with his phone. “Is Jagan Government Following Congress’ Shameful Model?” they question. But the State Governments says it is just a technical issue.