Jagan Govt Files 190 Pages Affidavit In Amaravati CaseAndhra Pradesh High Court has given a judgment in the favor of Amaravati on March 3rd. It has ordered the Government and CRDA to give developed plots to the farmers in a month’s time.

As the deadline is nearing completion, the Government has filed an affidavit regarding the same.

Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma filed a 190 pages affidavit to the High Court. We do not know what is in the affidavit but in most likely the government may seek more time.

Also, Amaravati Farmers have approached the court saying that CRDA is pushing for registrations without giving the link documents.

While this verdict has come, everyone expected the government to immediately approach the Supreme Court and get stay on the High Court orders.

Even though the government has hinted about the same, it is yet to knock the door of the Supreme Court.