Jagan Govt Extends Timings Of Wine ShopsAP CM YS Jagan had previously announced that he would be implementing a complete liquor ban in Andhra Pradesh. He vowed to implement a phase-wise model to curb liquor consumption. This was one of his Navaratnamlu promises ahead of the elections.

Cut to now, the Jagan-led YCP government has taken a contrasting stand. Today, the government announced that liquor outlets in the state can operate till 10 PM.

Earlier, when the government announced first phase of liquor ban, liquor shops were allowed to operate till 8 PM and it was later pushed to 9 PM. Now, the government has permitted liquor outlets to run till 10 PM.

Let alone liquor prohibition, the Jagan government is now running on the revenue generated through liquor sales, say opposition party leaders now.

It needs to be noted that the government had taken all the liquor outlets in the state into its control as a part of the first phase of liquor ban. All the liquor shops in Andhra Pradesh are currently being operated by the state government.