Jagan Govt Brings A New G.O. For Telugu Film Industry Andhra Pradesh Government is fighting a legal battle in the High Court regarding the ticket prices. The case will come to hearing tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Government has released a new G.O. which gives mandates Online Ticketing to AP Film Development Corporation.

The G.O. No 142 mandates all tickets to be booked through a special software developed by APFDC. The Government says this software is brought in to prevent the rampant tax evasion that is prevalent in the theaters business.

There are several inhibitions on this and the Government is yet to clear about it. There are Wild rumors that the Government would keep the money with it for sometime and bring loans showing that as collateral. So, the industry is partly worried and is awaiting clarity.

In fact, the industry welcome this movd because it will give more clarity about the revenue of a film which means the producer gets his rightful share. But then, there are doubts since the Jagan Government is trying to trouble the industry in every possible way.