Jagan Govt After RTC Employees' Savings MoneyJagan Government is emptying the accounts of all the departments without a thought about tomorrow. We have seen them taking 400 Crore from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati recently and according to media reports, the government is after the PF money of APSRTC employees.

Buzz is that the Government has asked the corporation to transfer 1,600 Crore Rupees of employees Provident Fund to State Financial Services Corporation. Sources tell that the corporation officials clarified that it is against the rules and can not be done.

But then, the Government is exerting pressure in its way like how it did in the case of Sri Venkateswara University. RTC employees Unions are fuming at this. “We thought merging of RTC into Government would do us. As on date, we only lost with that and now, they are trying to take away our future,” they are fuming.

“Provident Fund secures the future of employees after retirement. We will not risk a single rupee trusting this government,” they say.