Jagan Government AmaravatiIt is known to our readers that Jagan Government had appointed a committee to decide about the fate of the buildings that are under construction in Amaravati. The committee reportedly opined that 2,154 Crore Rupees is needed to complete the buildings that are already under construction.

There are several buildings which were more than 70% completed and it would need just 300 Crore Rupees to complete them. The detailed report will be submitted by the first week of March. However, it is said that the Government is not in favor of completing any building other than those required to set Legislative Capital.

The committee was asked to identify only those buildings that are needed and submit their report. Rumors in the political circles are that the Government is also thinking on the lines to auction the buildings that are not necessary to fund various welfare schemes.

Some buildings may be completed before auctioning if needed to get better prices. Government taking any such decision may have legal implications as there several legal cases pending on Amaravati and the three capitals. Any decision to curtail the capital will be challenged once again in the courts.