YS Jagan - Amaravati ShiftingViolating the Status Quo of the Court, Andhra Pradesh Government is secretly shifting its offices from Amaravati to Vishakapatnam. The government already shifted the state guest house and now has shifted the Police Command Control Center.

The Home department has given a G.O. pertaining the same. The control room should be close to the Police Headquarters but is now shifted to a city 400 Kilometers away. On the other hand, the Government is also trying to shift the RTC house to Vishakapatnam.

RTC MD recently visited Vishakapatnam Bus Complex and secretly discussed about the matter with the officials. A five storey building was constructed in Vijayawada for the RTC house in the previous Government and now that will now go waste. Moreover, it is an infringement of the Supreme Court order.

Amaravati farmers who have given their lands for the Capital have been agitating against the Capital shift but the government did not find time even to talk to them. It has to be seen if this will again land in Court and trouble the Government.