Jagan Government AmaravatiYS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government is silently trying to sell the lands in Amaravati after it is facing severe cash crunch to fund various welfare schemes. A committee headed by the Chief Secretary is asked to speed up the process of identifying and selling the lands to generate revenue.

The Government is keen on selling the lands as a big parcels and so is looking at big buyers. The committee is also keen on buyers to sell the incomplete buildings which were earlier started during Chandrababu’s rule. However, it has to be seen if Government will be able to sell these lands due to the pending cases.

“Earlier the Government tried to give the same lands to the poor under its House Sites scheme. But then, the high Court stalled the process saying the matter is sub-judice. The court is unlikely to allow the sale of the lands until the future of Amaravati is decided,” a legal expert says.

The farmers who gave their lands for the capital in Amaravati have been agitating against the Government’s decision of three capitals for more than 400 days but the government did not even try to clear their apprehensions. Instead, the Government is trying to dispose the lands on one name or the other.