Jagan Govt Defaults On Phone Bills Too!As bizzare as it appears but YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has defaulted on Phone Bills in the I&PR department. The Government did not pay bills to the tune of Nine Lakh Rupees. The outgoing services were barred on 23rd August.

We naturally expect the Government to pay but it did not. Five days ago, the service provider has stopped the Incoming services as well. The I&PR offices in the districts are not paying Newspaper bills for a long time now.

The bills were not paid despite several reminders and the service providers had no way but to disconnect the service. This is pretty much the same in all the departments as funds of every department are diverted to welfare schemes leaving them in lurch even for routine operations.

However, news like this is a massive embarrassment to the Government and will also paint a bad picture of the state’s financial condition.