YS Jagan NavaratnaluComplete Prohibition is one of the promises among Jagan’s Navaratnalu. After coming to power, that has been changed to phase wise Prohibition. The YSRCP Government reduced some shops initially and said the reduction would go on everywhere until liquor is available only in Five star hotels by 2024.

But then, it looks like that is not going in the right direction at least now. The State Government has announced a new liquor policy for 2021-22. The Government has decided to continue all the 2934 wine shops that were allowed the last year. There is no reduction.

There has been a stark criticism on the social media regarding same. The income through liquor sale is the most important revenue source for any government along with VAT on Petroleum products. The Cash-strapped state could not afford to lose this income and so going back on the promise.

It is very easy to make promises staying in the Opposition. It is even easier to name them in manifestos and claim ‘Maata Thappam Madama Thippam’. But it is not as easy as said.