YS Jagan -TDPEvery Government will have an intelligence machinery. The machinery gives periodic reports about people’s opinions about how the Government is functioning. Like any other survey, they can be right or wrong. But those in power takes the reports seriously and makes necessary changes.

It is reliably learned that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has got one such report which says the anti-incumbency is slowly climbing up on the Government and TDP which lost miserably in 2019 is showing signs of recovery.

We are told that the Chief Minister has taken the report seriously and started taking measures to curb the anti-incumbency. Jagan Government has been delaying the Pension hike on one name or the other. Given the financial condition of the state, it is impossible to increase the pension now.

But with no other way, the Government has decided to hike the Pensions by 250 Rupees from January. Also, the Government tried to appease the tipplers by reducing liquor prices. This is one segment which is so unhappy with the Government.

Also, it has been decided to make available all popular brands of liquor from Sankranthi. It is also said that Jagan actually feels these may not be sufficient to correct the situation but the cash-strapped state can not afford much at this juncture.