Jagan Gets Big RejectionOver the past few days, we have been hearing that the Jagan-led AP government is eyeying the land owned by Ramanaidu Studio in Vizag. It is being speculated that the representatives of the government asked Suresh Babu to return majority of the land allotted to Ramanaidu Studio as the government plans to build administrative buildings in the area.

Suresh Babu finally broke the silence and gave an affirmative update on the whole feud.

“I bought the said land from the government of Andhra Pradesh and am the sole owner of the property. I can use it for film production and entertainment related works. Various media portals are cooking up baseless stories on the whole scenario. It is my personal business and it is not for public consumption,” he said.

When asked if he had a fallout with the Andhra Pradesh government regarding the studio lands, Suresh Babu replied, “I share a good relationship with the government. I don’t have any issues with anybody.”

The senior producer went on to reveal that many people in the Telugu film industry including the producers in his friends circle maintain cordial relationships with Jagan.