Jagan Fooled AP Hindus for Votes -BJP

BJP-Vs-YS-Jagan-Andhra-PrdeshJagan made a lot of promises and gestures to gain every possible vote in from all categories. Now that he has won the polls and formed the government, it is the giveback time of the opposite parties and he gave away a sensitive point for them to toss him down. BJP started off with its attacks in its style following the trending issue of Jagan about him not lighting the candles for inauguration on his US trip.

The video has already gone viral on the internet with people pointing Jagan for deliberately refusing to light the candles despite so many requesting him to. Now, it is BJP’s turn to attack him and taking on the incident, the party claims Jagan to have fooled AP Hindus for the votes referring to how he went to temples and did pujas before elections and now rejecting to light candles which is one of the most followed Hindu traditions.

“He was a Hindu for Votes” is what they wrote calling him to be the pretender who moved according to the script of his political adviser Prashant Kishor, trolling him brutally as much as they can. Will Jagan or Vijayasai Reddy counter BJP on this?

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