Jagan Exploited AP People?: RGVRam Gopal Varma has been calling out the YCP government for imposing curbs on cinema ticket pricing. He spoke at length about the same in his recent media interaction.

The interviewer stated, “The AP government says Tollywood filmmakers are exploiting the audience by hiking ticket prices and cashing on the craze”.

In response, Varma said “There will be a mile-long queue for Rajamouli’s films. That doesn’t mean he made Baahubali to exploit the audience. If that is exploitation, then the YCP government exploited the AP voters as well. YS Jagan held rallies and ran campaigns to win 150 seats in the elections.”

AP Cinematography minister Perni Nani also briefly took part in the interaction. Nani said “The filmmakers cut very good promos for their films. But if the film doesn’t meet the expectations, they don’t refund the ticket prices.

To which, RGV replied “Sir, films are perishable goods. The audience can’t return the movie watching experience after watching a film. In that case how can the tickets be refunded”.