Jagan Even Can Not Stand The Name of Amaravati?

I Love Amaravati' removed at AP Bhavan

‘I ❤ Amaravati’ board which adorns in the compound of Andhra Bhavan in the National Capital has become the center of controversies now. The Board is a popular selfie point to the visitors who come there. But then, the officials on Sunday have suddenly removed the Board.

As Jagan Mohan Reddy is keen on trifurcate the Capital and downsizing Amaravati, there were allegations that the lighting board is removed by the officials to please the political bosses. After the issue blew out of proportions, the officials tried to cover up the issue.

They explained that the lighting board was damaged by monkeys and was taken out for repairs. “This is not the first time. The Board previously got damaged as well due to the menace of monkeys. We will get it repaired and place it back,” the officials said.

TDP Supporters on social media feel that for some reason, the Government could not stand the very sight of Amaravati and so is resorting to these types of cheap tactics to erase Amaravati from Public memory.