Jagan Doing Another Quid Pro Quo Now: UndavalliAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is facing many allegations of Quid Pro Quo and is A1 in numerous CBI and ED cases.

But Undavalli Arun Kumar says he is on to another Quid Pro Quo after coming to power and this time, it is with the people themselves.

“He is saying I am giving you this money, I need your vote in return. This is the Quid Pro Quo and no one knows if it will work or backfire,” Undavalli says.

“He is ready to cut other sections to feed the freebies. He will start saying I am cutting this and that for employees to give you these freebies and ask for vote. We don’t know what people will say because it never happened previously,” the former MP adds.

However, Undavalli says this attitude of Jagan will damage the beneficiaries as well in the long run.

“An auto driver will have pensions for his mother and widowed sister. His children will get Amma Vodi. Thats fine but he will still find it to run the house. That’s because his auto income will fall. But people will take time to understand that,” Undavalli explains.

“These are the examples economists give about how countries failed. There are inquiries about funds diversion in AP. We will have to see the outcome. Even if that is negative, he will say I gave to poor and make it his slogan,” Undavalli added.