Jagan Does A Small Favor For MohanbabuMohanbabu has been trying to take the position of Industry’s Peddha Dhikku after Dasari Narayana Rao’s demise but Chiranjeevi came his way. As a result, we have seen them fight out in the MAA elections ferociously, and finally, Mohanbabu scored over Chiranjeevi in that election.

Mohanbabu who supported Jagan in the 2019 elections expected the Chief Minister to give utmost importance to the ticket rates issue. Anticipating that, both Mohanbabu and Vishnu did not speak a word against Government’s stance on this issue. Even then, Jagan did not care about them.

For the meeting, the other day, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali, and R Narayanamurthy were the invitees from the Government side but Vishnu or Mohanbabu was not invited. This came as a big insult to them. In an unusual gesture, Jagan did a small favor to Mohanbabu as a face-saver.

Cinematography Minister Perni Nani arrived at Mohanbabu’s residence and explained this issue. Mohanbabu family can claim that Jagan has given them huge importance as Chiranjeevi had to go all the way to Tadepalli and at the same time, the minister came all the way to his house.