Jagan Does A Big Favor To Chandrababu Former Minister Naryana has been arrested and later released on bail in Tenth Class Question Papers leak. The judge has opined that government has no case against Narayana on this issue.

It has established the fact that it is a clear case of Political Vendetta. Keeping aside the merits of the case, Jagan Government actually helped Telugu Desam Party big time with this case.

There are certain leaders in Telugu Desam like Naryana who have enjoyed power before 2019 and started staying low to protect their business interests.

Narayana was not in news or active in the party after the elections in 2019. He has been named in Amaravati related cases by the government but he only did the legal battle from behind the scenes.

Irrespective of how low Narayana tried to stay, Jagan did not let him go. Narayana was arrested mercilessly right on the day of his son’s death anniversary.

This will send a message to hiding TDP leaders that staying low is not an option and they have to fight for survival. With elections just two years to go, this is very important for TDP.

Chandrababu can not ask for a bigger favor from Jagan Mohan Reddy than this.