Jagan's Diversion Plan To Cost 10,600 Crores!YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government hurriedly announced the reorganization of districts in the state. An important decision like that was taken without any consultations. The existing thirteen districts will be carved into twenty-six and the Government has given one month’s time for any objections.

The issue has cropped up out of nowhere when the ruling party is facing heat for organizing a casino and a minister is accused of being behind it. So many think the issue is brought out to divert the topic. And then, there is another reason for people to think it will not happen.

After the reorganization of districts, each district will need 400 Crore Rupees for infrastructure development. That means all the twenty-six districts together will need 10,600 Crore Rupees. Given the financial condition of Andhra Pradesh, the state definitely can not afford it.

At present, we have seen the Government struggling to pay salaries and pensions. And the roads in the state are in the worst possible shape. So, even if the districts are announced, they will just remain on paper.