Jagan Did A Blunder In That Commitment: ExpertsDuring the Election Campaign, Nara Lokesh had alleged that KCR is trying to take away Bandaru Port to Telangana. People who do not know the concept of Dry Port used that statement as a troll material against Lokesh. But then, that has happened exactly. The issue came up in the meeting between Chief Ministers of both the States the other day.

The Telangana Chief Minister has asked Jagan to use the Ports of Andhra Pradesh for the exports of their commodities and the Andhra Pradesh CM also agreed in Principal. Experts say this is a massively disappointing decision from Jagan. Big Coastline is the only advantage of Andhra Pradesh over the Land-locked Telangana. Ports are mandatory for the Manufacturing industries to come.

Such industries started coming to Andhra Pradesh but then the state is facing Stiff competition from Tamil Nadu which has coastline as well as the surplus budget to woo the investors. Now, Telangana will give competition to Andhra Pradesh using the Dry Ports in the State. With deep pockets, the state will offer better incentives than AP.

For those who do not know what is a Dry Port… These are Ports mainly used for the Landlocked States. The Ports will be located in the Coastal States while the Owner States will Exclusively use them and will also have Special Routes to Access those Ports. The Landlocked state will have to spend extra on the construction of roads and land acquisition of them.