Nara Lokesh PadayatraTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh is embarking on a 4000 Kilometers Padayatra from 27th of this month from Kuppam. There is a sentiment in the state that leaders from YSR to Chandrababu Naidu and Jagan, all have come to power after such walkathons.

And needless to say, the Government is worried. Jagan brought G.O.1 banning Road shows, meetings etc on roads for the sole reason of stopping Lokesh’s Padayatra.

After the High Court gave a temporary Stay on the G.O., the Government did not wait until the arguments begin and approached the Supreme Court. The desperation is clearly visible.

Lokesh surprised everyone with his strong will after 2019 elections. The way he moulded himself physically and as a leader surprised everyone after he ignored the propaganda on him between 2014 and 2019. It is evident he is going to give it all in the next 400 days.

But after getting a free run for the Padayatra in Opposition, Jagan will do all that he could to stop Lokesh especially with the winds of ‘change’ clearly visible.