Buggana_Rajendranath_Reddy_JaganBuggana Rajendranath Reddy is Jagan’s Go-To man in the Opposition. While the entire YSR Congress including Jagan is all about making abusive political comments, only Buggana used to make some sense in the assembly with his subject knowledge.

After coming to power, Jagan rightly made him the Finance Minister but Buggana’s struggles started from then. He is confined only to taking trips between Amaravati and Delhi to get loans and hide the financial mismanagement happening in the state.

The vocal voice of Buggana has become mute too. It has gone to the extent of Jagan muting Buggana now.

A few days ago, Buggana made controversial comments about three capitals in an investors’ meeting in Vishakapatnam. He said the concept of three capital is miscommunicated and Vishakapatnam is going to be the only capital.

The statement has brought new headaches to Jagan. The other day, Buggana visited another investors’ meeting in Chennai. Andhra Pradesh Government streamed live the entire proceedings of the AP contingent at the meeting.

But after the speech, the live has been stopped to ensure that the Q&A session of the media and the investors with the minister is not telecast.

Buggana was once again asked about the three capitals and this time he went ahead and said his Government will not take back the three capitals bills from the assembly even though they have been withdrawn the last year.