Jagan ABN Radha KrishnaAndhrajyothy MD Radhakrishna in his Weekend comment raised doubts about the role of Jagan Mohan Reddy and his wife Bharathi in YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case.

“CBI produced evidence that Avinash Reddy spoke to Tadepalli after the murder. What did he say? Did he say the job is finished? Did he take advice about what to do next? Or did he just give information about the arrest? Answers to these questions will give clarity on the couple’s involvement in this case. There are doubts if there is some role of them in this case by observing the developments now,” RK wrote in his column.

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Jagan always tried to save Avinash’s family in this case. “Why will an eye destroy another eye? Why a finger will destroy the eye of the same body?” Jagan said to save Avinash. But he is behaving as if he does not want the finger by carrying out a malicious campaign on Sunitha and her husband who also happens to be Jagan’s relatives,” RK wrote exposing Jagan’s dual tongue in this case.

There are rumors that Avinash Reddy may be arrested in the next few days. If that happens, things will be extremely difficult for YSR Congress to build a proper political narrative.

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The only option for Jagan now is to approach the BJP high command and some how to slow down the CBI.

At this point in time, Avinash Reddy and the YSR Congress are on a sticky wicket.

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