Jagan's Cost-Cutting Measures Targeting TDP?As soon as Jagan Mohan Reddy assumed Power, the State Government had issued Stop Order for various works amounting to 30000 Crore. Some were canceled to immediate effect and some will be reviewed which means they are pushed to cold storage. The government is alleging Corruption in these contracts.

However, TDP sources say that these orders are targeting the contracts obtained by Telugu Desam related contractors. For an instance around contract works amounting to 2557.66 Crore of two firms belonging to TDP Rajya Sabha MP, CM Ramesh was canceled by the government.

TDP suspects that this a ploy to dry the financial resources to the Telugu Desam Party. The Cycle Party was reduced to just 23 seats in the 175 seats Assembly of Andhra Pradesh, its worst-ever tally in the history. Once the financial resources dry up, the party will struggle in promotions and leaders will move to greener pastures.

Jagan is in two minds about unleashing Operation Akarsha on TDP MLAs since he had strictly opposed them while he is at the receiving end in the Opposition. If the MLAs were asked to resign and come, they will hesitate because of the huge expenses involved in the by-elections.