Jagan, Congress, Telangana: National Media's ConfusionNational media portals are often under the pump for not getting the facts right while speaking about the current political climate in the Telugu states. Here is one such instance involving a senior media personality.

Pallavi Ghosh, senior editor at CNN News18 made one single statement that had as many as 3 misapprehensions.

“Today his son is chief contender to cong in telengana,” Pallavi tweeted while reacting to Congress’s tweet, commemorating YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s Vardhanthi.

Firstly, YSR’s son, YS Jagan is a politician based in Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, he is the chief minister of the state now. Also, he is the chief of YSRC. And lastly, he hadn’t been active in Telangana politics for many years now.

National media often tend to pay very little attention to South Indian politics and particularly Telugu politics. It is high time that they understand that Indian politics are not just about what happens in the part of the country alone. South Indian politics are as important as that of the Northern India’s.