Jagan Committing The Same Mistake As KCRBoth the Telugu States are shocked with humiliation meted to Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in AP Assembly. Naidu who is known to be a composed man would not let out emotions so easily, so his emotional outburst has come as a shock for everyone.

The issue had occupied the media space from the last two days. There has been a huge wave of sympathy for Naidu from the common public but there is no remorse in the ruling party and are continuing to defend their cheap behavior. Political experts say that Jagan and co are grossly underestimating people.

“Public will tolerate anything but arrogance from the rulers. The same arrogance has brought water under the seat of KCR. Immediately after the 2018 victory, KCR did not form a cabinet for many months. Only he and Mahmood Ali were part of the cabinet. The public immediately taught KCR a lesson in Parliament elections by giving seven MP seats to the Opposition,” the Political experts say.

“The first sign of anti-incumbency started for KCR there and it is growing uncontrollably. KCR’s close friend across the border, Jagan Mohan Reddy is also becoming blind with power and this arrogance can be very costly. But then, power is as such you can not see the reality until everything is over,” they add.