YS-Jaganmohan-Reddy-AssemblyAndhra Pradesh Government is introducing a Bill in the Assembly today to change the name of NTR Health University in Tirupati. The University will be further called YSR University.

YSR Congress has an absolute majority in Andhra Pradesh Assembly and will easily get the bill passed. But then, it will not be as easy as it appears to be.

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NTR Health University is the first such University in the country and is the brainchild of NT Ramarao. It became operational in 1986 with the perseverance of the then Chief Minister.

It was named after NT Ramarao, the founder and first Chairman of the University. Jagan Government which did not open at least one medical college in its tenure so far wants to erase the history and name it after YSR.

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Painting Government buildings with party colors and naming everything and anything after YSR and Jagananna have become a norm in the YSR Congress government.

The previous Chandrababu Naidu government did not go after Kadapa district or IIIT in Idupulapaya which were named after YSR. Despite the strong political rivalry between the Late YSR and Jagan right now, Chandrababu did not try to change the names.

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But then, Jagan has set a precedent now and there is a danger that there will be pressure on Chandrababu to rename the YSR Kadapa district when TDP comes to power.

YSR Congress which is intoxicated by the power of 151 seats may not realize that now. But Earth is round and no one can be in power forever. This type of behavior insulting legends like NT Ramarao is a very bad precedent.