Jagan & CBN Not Same: PK Fans Finally RealizePawan Kalyan has campaigned for TDP and BJP in the 2014 elections and played a part in their victory. In the name of questioning the state government, Pawan Kalyan made several protests against Naidu and all of them were allowed.

We have seen Naidu keeping the protocol aside and receive Pawan when he came to meet him on a couple of occasions. But then, things turned ugly with people like Sri Reddy bad-mouth Pawan Kalyan and all channels gave prominent coverage to that.

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Pawan and his fans targeted TV9, a channel under TRS leadership, and ABN, a pro-TDP channel but suspected Naidu to be behind those channels. The enmity grew and Pawan Kalyan also played a small part in TDP’s defeat in 2019 and in the process also got defeated very badly.

We have seen how people like Sri Reddy and Kathi Mahesh openly declare their loyalty to YSR Congress indicating what has really happened. We do not know if Pawan Kalyan realized that but a section of PK fans still believe that CBN and Jagan are equally bad.

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What happened in Andhra Pradesh on Friday should be an eye-opener to them. The vendetta politics we see in Andhra Pradesh are unmatchable. Forget about Chandrababu Naidu, even totalitarian regimes of Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi are no match. Pawan fans have made an imaginary enemy in Naidu while ignoring the real threat.

Any sane fan should easily understand that. Today TDP has stood firmly besides Pawan Kalyan even when Janasena’s alliance partner, BJP only lent a Naam-Ke-Vaaste Support.

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