Jagan Government movie ticketsCorona cases are on a decline in both the Telugu states but the theaters are yet to open. After the first wave, there is a storm of new releases at the box office but it is not the case now. The reason is the stalemate due to Andhra Pradesh Government’s controversial ticket rates G.O.

Currently, the average ticket price set by the government is around 50-75 rupees. Also, the ticket rates are very less in the B and C centers. They could not even recover the electricity expenses with those rates. The exhibition sector is demanding at least a Uniform rate of 100 Rupees across all centers.

The theater owners’ association of East Godavari district has issued a statement they would not restart theatrical business until the AP government amends the G.O. Meanwhile, if this stalemate continues even in August, films like Seetimaar and Tuck Jagadish may be forced to rethink their theatrical release plans.

“The indecisiveness of Andhra Pradesh Government is causing more damage to the industry than the Corona. At least Corona is not a man-made disaster. The Chief Minister’s Office is not even giving appointments to industry biggies to discuss their problems with the Government,” a source in the film chamber says.