Jagan_Capital_DecisionA Capital for a state is like its heart. Andhra Pradesh, unfortunately, had to change its capital multiple times. But gone are forgiving days, we need a growth engine and a futuristic city as the capital for employment generation.

But then, nine years after the state bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh is yet to get capital.

Chandrababu Naidu had decided on Amaravati as the capital and took the first step by beginning the construction. More than 25,000 farmers believed his vision and gave 33,000 acres in land pooling.

Jagan who promised to continue the capital changed his word immediately after coming to power. He brought a bizarre theory like three capitals unsuccessful across the country and got tangled in a legal mess.

In around four years of Jagan’s rule, not even a single brick is laid for the capital.

Today, Andhra Pradesh is a state with no clarity in the capital. Jagan Mohan Reddy was asked about the same in an interview with Economic Times and he gave a very casual answer.

“As the state moves forward, there will be corrections and fresh starts. My priority is to revamp the education, healthcare, and agriculture infrastructure,” Jagan says.

On going back on a crucial promise and that too on something as important as the capital, Jagan simply brushes off hands calling it a correction.