YS Jagan - Narendra ModiThanks to freebies, Andhra Pradesh Government is in endless debts and in a financial crunch always. The government is barely managing to pay salaries and pensions after the freebies. So the cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh Government is struggling for funds for important projects and infrastructure projects.

The other day, the Chief Minister reviewed the progress of the Polavaram Project with the officials of the irrigation department and directed them to talk to the Central Government to clear the 1,600 Crore pending bills regarding the Polavaram project. He asked the officials to go to Delhi and get the pending bills cleared.

But then, this has been a regular exercise every since Jagan Mohan Reddy Government came to power. Going by the previous experiences, the tours of the officials will barely give any result. The Chief Minister is unable to exert pressure on the Modi Government regarding pending bills for reasons best known to himself.

Between 2014-19, the then Chandrababu Naidu Government managed to get around 10,000 Crore funds for Polavaram. But in the case of Jagan, the works are not happening on expected lines and further, Modi Government will not even give the funds to the completed works as well.