Jagan Boasts Of Kuppam Forgetting Pulivendula The other day, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a review of the party in Addanki constituency, Prakasam district. As usually, the CM gave a long lecture about ‘Button Nokkadam’ to the party cadre of the constituency and announced target as 175 out of 175.

Citing the example of Kuppam, Jagan said,” Did anyone think we can win Sarpanches, MPTCs, ZPTCs in Kuppam and even Kuppam municipality. When Kuppam is possible, why not all the 175 seats?”.

Yes, no one imagined YSR Congress to win Kuppam. Just like how no one expected TDP to win Kadapa MLC seat defeating Jagan’s own uncle, YS Vivekananda Reddy while they are in power.

“These are natural perks for the parties in power. They use every trick in the trade to win such seats. But main elections are entirely different. Like how the same TDP drew a blank in the entire Kadapa district. Jagan should not over imagine the wins in Kuppam,” Political experts say.

Meanwhile, Jagan had announced Baachina Krishna Chaitanya as the party’s candidate for Addanki in 2024. His father Garataiah contested on YSRCP ticket in 2019 and lost to Gottipati Ravikumar with a majority of 13K votes.