Jagan's Biggest Loss is Naidu's Biggest GainNandhyal By-Election has indicated that mood of Andhra Pradesh ahead of 2019 Assembly Elections. The election is often treated as the Semi-Final for 2019 Grand Finale and in that, TDP has crushed the hopes of YSR Congress by a Sensational 27,456 Votes majority.

The biggest loss for YSR Congress in the election is that minorities have voted en-masse to TDP. Muslims form 30% of the electorate in Nandhyal. They are a strong vote-bank for Jagan but they seem to have deserted YSR Congress totally.

This is the first time in several years Muslims have imposed confidence on TDP in an overwhelming manner. This will boost the confidence of TDP cadre and leaders ahead of the crucial Assembly elections in 2019 and it will do exactly the opposite for YSR Congress.