YS Jagan Pension Scheme (1)YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised 3,000 Rupees pensions before coming to power. Later after taking the oath, the government has added a rider saying that the pensions will be increased to 3,000 Rupees. The Chief Minister has promised to increase 250 Rupees for every YSR Jayanthi and take the total to 3,000 Rupees by July 2023.

In July 2019, the pensions were hiked to Rs 2,250 but the government has ignored the next two hikes. We have just finished another YSR Jayanthi and the pension should have been 2,750 Rupees now. But, it is still at 2,250 Rupees. Given the very bad financial position of the state, this looks unlikely in the near future.

Buzz in the political circles is that the government may opt to increase the pension directly to 3,000 Rupees just before the election and go to the people asking for votes. With this lack of increase, pensioners across the state are have lost a benefit of 153.52 Crore Rupees until this month.

Meanwhile, the Opposition is gearing up to publicize this failed promise extensively with the people. “This is the biggest failed promise by Jagan and badly hit are most vulnerable like the Senior citizens, single women, physically handicapped, etc,” they say.