Jagan Bhajana: Posani Krishna Murali Hurts Sentiments!Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been rewarding the film personalities who have supported him before the 2019 elections. Comedy actor Ali’s turn has come late and Posani Krishna Murali is waiting as well.

But in a bid to impress Jagan, Posani Krishna Murali seems to be going desperate. Earlier today, Posani is in Tirumala and had a darshan of the Lord during VIP break darshan.

After the darshan, he spoke to the media and is in all praise of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy.

“If we see from far, CM Jagan looks like a Brahmapadhardham. But if he looks from a close distance, he looks like the Prasadam of the God,” Posani told the media.

Posani can praise Jagan without any strings but then, he should be conscious of the surroundings.

Standing right before the shrine in Tirumala and praising political leaders and comparing with Prasadam of the God looks very absurd, devotees say.

“This is a new low for Posani. Only the lord should be praised in the shrine of Tirumala. Mortals should not be praised and definitely should not be compared with the Prasadam of the Lord,” the devotees angrily say.