YS_Jagan_AP_AssemblyThe government of Andhra Pradesh has made the capital shift development look like a joke in the public’s eye. Each YCP MLA and MP has their own take on the capital scenario.

And as for Jagan’s stance on the subject, he is changing dates left right centre after saying he will soon start administrating from Vizag.

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First, it was said that the YCP government ill move tl Vizag by this Ugadi. Related arrangements were made and there were even reports that the government authorities were in search of right building to set up CM camp office. But this plan went to shreds shortly after.

Today, Jagan has again announced that Vizag will be the executive capital and he will move there this July. He has changed the date again for nth time.

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After seeing all this, netizens are commenting that Jagan is acting like an intermediary or engineering student who takes their exams lightly and look for supplementary exams in September if they fail in March.

People are pointing out that the very fact that the YCP government is making a joke of capital shift by changing dates as they wish speaks about the integrity they have towards the same.

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