jagan-Reddy-YSR-CongressYSR Congress ministers are throwing hints about Chief Minister shifting his base to Vishakapatnam. But that would mean the government will defy the status quo ordered by the court on the capital issue.

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy threw a big hint about what the government’s argument will be on this issue. He spoke about it in an interview.

“Basically where a Chief Minister sits should not be a matter of concern for anybody. Wheresoever the CM sits, his cabinet colleagues sit. Wheresoever the cabinet colleagues sit, the secretaries sit. And wheresoever they sit, there will be a secretariat,” Jagan says.

“So it is a prerogative of the CM where he should sit. How is it fair for somebody to tell the CM where to sit and where not to sit?,” the CM asks.

The argument of Jagan is something called as Athi Thelivi argument. Usually, such arguments win your points in real life or in politics but courts function differently.

If where to sit is the prerogative of a CM and the CM changes every five years, we will have Thuglaqs in making who shift capitals from Delhi to Daultabad and Daultabad to Delhi according to one’s whims and fancies.

But that would mean a waste of public resources and also a violation of the commitments made to the farmers who gave their lands as a part of land pooling.